Aerial – AAAC

Specification: AS 1531
Conductor: Aluminium Alloy 1120

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Equivalent aluminum alloy conductors have approximately the same ampacity and strength as their ACSR counterparts with a much improved strength-to-weight ratio,and also exhibit substantially better electrical loss characteristics than their equivalent single layer ACSR constructions. The thermal coefficient of expansion is greater than that of ACSR.
As compared to ACSR, AAAC’s lighter weight, comparable strength and current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses and superior corrosion resistance have given this conductor wide acceptance as a distribution conductor.

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Chlorine (7/2.5mm) AAAC, Fluorine (7/3.00mm) AAAC, Helium (7/3.75mm) AAAC, Iodine (7/4.75mm) AAAC, Neon (19/3.75mm) AAAC, Nitrogen (37/3.00mm) AAAC

AAAC Aerial Conductor – v1

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